Cenovnik racunara

Abit informatika assemble high quality computers according to Your wishes and needs. You can get our engineers to project computer configuration that meets all Your needs and wishes or You can choose computer components from the list of best world computer component makers to make computer of Your dreams !  We are here to make Your dreams true.                                             
We offer computers made of high quality components of famous world companies as:  Intel, AMD, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Gigabyte, MSI, Asus, Western Digital, Philips, Samsung...

Besides computers we can offer other devices such printers, plotters, scanners, 100/1000 Mbit network equipment, cables, connectors ...

Cenovnik komponenti
 Uslovi kreditiranja All Abit informatika made computers meets high standards for computer equipment.          Every single computer or working station, after installation of all components and software, goes to 24 hour long burning test. Servers has to pass 72 hours long burning test.


For all installed hardware Abit informatika gives 24 months warranty.