Free download - page in serbian Our computer software consists mainly of applications written to work with databases that uses  MS Access-a or DBASE-a format of data. We use mainly  MS Visual Basic and  Delphi (for Windows applications) and Clipper (for MS DOS applications). We also provide applications written directly in MS Access. 

Our applications work with databases with more than 20.000.000 records per year.

As an option we offer instalation of special comunication software that gives us an oportunity to access and maintain users computer over telephone line.

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Accounting software: Health service software: Other software:

  Fin - financial accounting

  Rob - commercial accounting

  Now adopted for use with fiscal ECR !!!

  Statist - accounting statistics software  

  Mag/Mat - manufacturing accounting 

  Sin - small parts accounting

  Os - fixed assets accounting

  Plate - salaries accounting

  SaTRa* - accounting for small shops

  SUZaR* - accounting for small restaurants


Our users that want to change software SUZaR and SaTRa because busines structure change to company level can buy company level accounting software under special discount terms

Hirurg - patient database software

Fond - recepies management

Bolovanja - sick leave management

Pomagala - helping devices management

Evira for Windows - staff management

Uputi - medical board orders management


Zakonik - database of all laws & regulations NEW !!!

Kasa/POS - point of sale software

Now adopted for use with fiscal ECR !!!

Cafe - sales control software

Telecon - lower Your telephone bill

Mobil Rent-a-car system - software for rent-a-car agencies

Car repair system - for car repairers

Gamma - carpentry manufacturing software

Eviss - payroll software

SPC - book of clerks

Tombola - TV tombola management

TombolaK - bingo tombola management

JackPot TV - on line TV game  

CafeMat - coffee production control

PSG Computer system - Your personal evidence of  address and phones - free download !

We produce user friendly software with standardized use of keyboard. Our software packages have very intuitive user interface that helps user what results with short training period even for users with no computer experience at all.

All B&D computer programs  are highly adjustable with such possibilities as automatic document number declaration or turning on/off of sound signal when adding new document. It can be installed in computer network mode, or in single user mode. In network mode user can define no of printers that can be assigned to user with special user level system with 10 access/right levels. All potentially dangerous functions or functions that works with more data can be accessed only with special password. For our accounting programs we designed user tracking system (UTS) that provides an information about all data changing actions of any user. UTS can be turned on or off in program setup.