Problem upgrading Windows-a 98

When you try upgrade of older Windows-a to Windows 98 from CD-a, there is a huge possibility to experience a problem after first restart when Windows 98 tries to detect plug and play devices. When Windows 98 finds first PnP component it will ask for path of Windows 98 installation on CD-ROM-a, but in drives list there will be no CD-ROM-a no matter that it worked normally before installation. To is because Windows 98 installation put mark on line in autoexec.bat that loads MSCDEX.EXE.

The solution is to stop installation of all PnP devices, edit autoexec.bat, delete rem from line that starts MSCDEX.EXE and restart computer. Windows 98 will  repeat installation of all PnP devices, but now it will see CD-ROM.

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Can not format hard disk to it's real size 

If you have hard disk larger than 2 GB and trying to make partition in Windows 95 (not in OSR2 version - Win 97) or DOS it is normal. DOS and Windows operating systems up to version Windows 95 OSR 2 (known also as Windows 97) use FAT 16 file system than can form partition up to 2 GB.

You can have another type of problem. Hard disks larger than 504 MB uses LBA mod in BIOS-u. If you do not use LBA or large option in BIOS computer will see only 504 MB.

Older Pentium computer systems (aged before 1996) can use only up to 8 GB because their BIOS does not support larger HDD-s.

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Undocumented in Windows 98

In earlier Windows versions you could noticed problem when adding IDE hard disk in rack that you used as a backup disk. When you put the disk in a rack you had to detect hard disk in setup first or your Windows (and DOS) didn't see it. That is not so complicated but there is a problem if you have more than one partition with Windows programs installed. When you turn on second hard disk, partition on it will  go on letter D:, and second partition from primary hard disk will move to E:, and all paths will be wrong.   

It is interesting that Windows 98 see second hard disk that is not detected if it is configured as master on second IDE channel. Partitions of this hard disk will be added behind partitions of first HDD and all paths will be right.

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Registry repair (Windows 98)

If Windows reports an error in  registry and you didn't make a copy for a long time, Windows-u 98 you can help. Windows 98 saves a copy of registry every day and has a copies for 5 days before. In case of registry problem you have to type next command in MS DOS mode :


After that you have to choose regular copy of registry and restart computer.

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Windows 98 and virtual memory

Did you ever ask yourself why Windows always uses virtual memory no matter how many megabytes of physical memory you have?  Microsoft says that method is more efficient !  If you do not agree with this opinion and you have Win98 and at least  64MB of RAM do next. Open System.ini file and in section [386Enh] add ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1. Restart computer and you will notice that Windows do not use virtual memory so much any more.

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Windows 98 more information about CPU

If you click right button on My Computer and choose Properties in Windows-u 98, in section Computer you will get basic information about your computer, before all AutehenticAMD (for computers with AMD CPU) or GenuineIntel (for computers with Intel CPU). Using regedit changing key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Hardware\ DESCRIPTION\CentralProcesor\0
you can change value VendorIndentifier AuthenticAMD to Authentic AMD, or GenuineIntel to Genuine Intel. Now in  Properties on screen you will get some additional data.

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Change of  Windows-a registration data

When installing Windows you input your name and company data. If you want to change that data use regedit, find key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MS Setup (ACME)\User Info
and change values for DefName i DefCompany to appropriate.

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View of LOG files

On Windows CD you can find interesting software called LogView (folder Other\Misc\LogView). It gives you an possibility for viewing and changing log files generated by ScanDisk, CallLog, ModemDet and NDisLog. You can use it for detection of errors in your computer system. If used frequently copy it to HDD.

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Switch off automatic Scandisk after irregular shut down of Windows-a

There is a lot of users irritated by message Windows was not properly shutdown etc., that recommend use of Scandisk, after irregular shut down or reset of computer. The worse thing is that you can not escape scan disk because if you do so, Windows reports that maybe something is wrong.
I personally thing that Scandisk has to be done because you can not have to much security, but it you want to switch it off here you are:

Add AutoScan=0 in [Options] section of file MSDOS.SYS. After that Windows will not offer Scandisk option anymore.

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Forgotten password - Win95/98

If you put password on your Windows 95/98 system to protect yourself from others, but you protected it from yourself, because you forgotten pass what then? When Windows ask for password, press Esc and, when you see desktop, using Explorer or from DOS prompt, delete PWL file with your user name in root Windows directory. Restart system and input password again.


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Switch off shutdown dialog

You do not have to go in shut Down Windows dialog every time you choose Start/Shut Down option. Make new shortcut with command line C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL32.EXE User, Exit Windows first. That shortcut put on easy to start location (for example Quick Launch bar) and give it appropriate name. When started, it will close Windows without any question (if some application is open you will be prompted to save open files).

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Prevent shutdown of Windows

Sometimes it can be useful to make shut down of Windows more complicated. In that case you can switch off Shut Down option in Start menu (it will be visible but it will not work). Start RegEdit and find key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/ Windows/CurrentVersion/Policies/Explorer
Click right button on NoClose, choose Modify an in a Value field put 1 (if you do not have that key, add it by right click on Contents window and choose option New/String Value; than give it value 1). Close RegEdit and restart Windows; Shut Down would be switched off. To turn it on again, simply change value on 0 (or just delete it), press Ctrl+Alt+Del, choose Explorer and click on End Task (if you se some dialog, choose Cancel). Shut down will be enabled again.

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Delete uninstalled software from Add/Remove list

There are some applications that can not be uninstalled - in that case you delete them manually, but it's name stays in a list you get by clicking on Add\Remove Programs icon in Control Panel-u. Start regedit, find key:


open key with a name o application you want to remove, and delete it.

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Give another name to Recycle bin

Context menu of Recycle Bin-a has no Rename option, but you can change it's name: as first thing, make backup of your system, and than start RegEdit from Run command line. Choose Edit/Find and type in Recycle Bin. Every string Recycle bin change by your name for it. Save registry and close RegEdit.

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Check this before deleting DLLs

If you ever wasn't sure which DLL's some software uses, right click on it's execution file and choose Quick View. In Quick View file find Import Table. You will find which DLL's that file uses, as some additional details about any of DLL's.

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