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  1. Functional problems of computer or some components
  2. MS DOS, Windows 3.xx, Windows95/OSR and Windows 98 operating systems
  3. Windows NT 4.0 operating system
  4. Windows 2000/XP
  5. Viruses, trojans and computer protection 

Functional problems of computer or some components

  1. System does not turn on
  2. There are no picture on screen
  3. There is no color on monitor or colors are wrong
  4. Keyboard does not work
  5. Mouse does not work or do not work properly    
  6. Floppy disk do not read or write
  7. Screen sometimes goes out
  8. Computer acts funny, suddenly starts writing to hard disk, some funny notices goes on ...
  9. Computer gives Missing operating system on booting from hard disk

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DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, OSR2, Windows 98

  • Win98 - upgrading problem (do not see CD after restart)
  • I can not format HDD on it's real size
  • Undocumented in Windows 98 (plugging the removable HDD in rack...)
  • Repair of registry  Windows 98
  • Repair of damaged system files in Windows-u

  • Internet applications do not start dial-up automatically

  • Mouse or keyboard freeze or act funny

  • Windows 98 computer does not see Windows 2000 computer on LA network

  • Deleting applets from Control Panel

  • Windows 98 - problem finding CDD/DVD-a

  • Windows 98 - you've got different problems when have 1 GB of RAM installed 

  • Windows 98 and virtual memory

  • Windows 98 more information about CPU

  • Change of Windows registration data 

  • View of LOG files

  • Switch off automatic Scandisk after irregular shut down of Windows

  • Forgotten password - Win95/98

  • Switch off shutdown dialog

  • Prevent shutdown of Windows

  • Delete uninstalled software from Add/Remove list

  • Give another name to Recycle bin

  • Check this before deleting DLLs


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    Windows NT 4.0

  • NT 4.0 - installation problem with two FDD-a swapped in BIOS-u

  • NT Server sometime slows down

  • Getting better performances on NT-a

  • After adding L2 cache-a on motherboard, performance does not upgrade

  • Windows NT crashes often - memory problem ?

  • Problem booting NT-a 4.0 after uninstalling Windows-a 98 from same computer 

  • Windows NT does not allow installation of any software 

  • Limitations of system partition on NT-a 4.0

  • Removing forbidden access from protected files under NTFS NT-a 4.0

  • Adaptec controllers on NT

  • Forgotten admin password on Windows NT

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    Windows 2000/XP

  • Starting  Windows-a 2000 when system booting is not possible

  • Problem in installation of Service Pack-a 1 on Windows 2000 Professional

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    Viruses, trojans, computer protection

  • You have problems with Internet browser

  • E-mail virus Bubbleboy !!!

  • Disable of Cancel button on logging Windows

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